Forgiven By Grace Mission Statement

We at Forgiven By Grace Ministries 4 The Lost Sheep, Believe That Jesus Christ Died On The Cross For The Remission Of Our Sins. So That We May Be saved And Delivered By The Father Son & Holy Spirit. And That we are Already Forgiven By His Grace & Mercy And That We Must Forgive Others Regardless of What They Have Done To Us ,To Successfully Mature As Christians In The Will of God.

We Also Believe In Community And World Activity In Ministry And Support For Countries Less Fortunate. To Also Connect People Back to The Basics of God’s Structure Through Family, Economic Stability and always being willing to help those Less Fortunate In Time of Need. For were just servants always working towards a Larger cause Than ourselves.

We Also Believe That The Sheep are People & The People Must be Lead By A Shepherd That Will Go Out And Reach & Touch them where they are,and Re-Direct Those who are Lost For The Salvation of Jesus Christ. So Through Love, Peace, Joy And Worship And Social Involvement For Those That Love The Lord. Cause Salvation Leads To Deliverance, Deliverance Leads To Freedom Then Freedom Leads To The Discovery And Discovery Leads To Your Purpose.. The Will of God.