Forgiven by Grace Ministries applies the word of God that speaks to deliverance and healing. Brother Jay will often unveil his testimony about being delivered and transformed from drugs, alcohol, homelessness, and imprisonment. He captures the heart of everyone who hears his testimony as the Spirit of God leads regardless of the topic or sermon.

Forgiven by Grace Ministries provide the spoken word as Brother Jay delivers a rich, real, and right now word for ministries and people of all walks of life speaking the word of God to every situation.

Forgiven by Grace Ministries has a particular affinity for all Drug, Alcohol, and Prison Ministries. They are a very intricate part of the purpose and vision. Forgiven by Grace Ministries are connected to various ministries around the world. Were in fellowship with Baptist, Methodist, Non-Denominations, Church of God in Christ, Apostolic, Catholic, Holiness, and Deliverance ministries all over the world.